Boils are small areas of inflammation starting in the roots of hairs, and due to the growth of a micro-organism. When a large number of boils form close together, at one time the mass called a carbuncle.

Symptoms & Causes of Boils

The essential cause of boils is bacterial. Diabetics are especially troubled with boils, so that anyone liable to recurrence of boils should be examined in case he or she may be suffering from diabetes mellitus. People who eat too much food or who are recovering from an exhausting illness are also liable to them. Friction, which irritates the hair roots, is an important cause, and therefore boils are commonest on the back of the neck, on the forearm, and on the leg, while those who row or ride has them about the buttocks.

Symptoms of boils are red swelling forms round a hair, and cause a good deal of irritation and scratching. It gets larger for some days, being, as a rule, not very painful, unless subject to chafing.

Home Remedies for Boils

For boils take a few soft leaves of guava. Extract their juice, add a little cachet (Katha) powder and apply this paste over the boils. Then allow the saliva to ooze out. Soon the boils would start drying up. Alternatively, add a well ripe banana in sweet curd. Now gradually apply this solution with the help of a spoon. A couple of doses of this dish will clean the boils in a few days.

Applying a warm compress is the very best thing you can do for a boil. The heat will cause the boil t form a head, drain, and heal a lot faster.

Turmeric powder paste should be made by adding tulsi leaves juice. This should be applied over the boils.

Betel leaf is gently warmed till it becomes soft and then coated with a layer of pure castor oil. This processed betel leaf should be spread over the inflamed part. This should be repeated thrice a day. After a few applications, the boil will rupture.

The paste of mustard seeds also produces results at its earliest.

Cooked cabbage leaves were rubbed on boils.

Dry ginger and asafetida paste should be made by adding a small quantity of water. This paste should be applied over the areas of boils twice a day as an external measure.

Add a little water to a teaspoonful of natural clay and form a paste. Cover the boil with the clay paste. As it dries, you may experience your skin pulling together, but that is the natural reaction, so do not worry about it. Leave the clay on overnight and the condition should be improved by morning.

To cure boils, eat three teaspoonfuls of dry cornmeal each morning on arising for three days. Do not eat or drink anything prior to the cornmeal. Skip three days and repeat, then skip three more days and repeat again for a total of nine teaspoonfuls.

Boils are effectively treated with a crabgrass poultice. This is prepared by cutting up a large handful of crabgrass and moistening in hot water until wilted. Drain, place in a porcelain bowl, and add one tablespoonful of bacon drippings and half a cup of salt. Mix well. Place a clean white cotton cloth and fold in. Place on the boil and leave in place for several hours.

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